About Tourism in Buganda Kingdom

The Ministry of Tourism, Buganda Government was established by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II on the 31st Dec 2007.

A centre of excellence for the development of Buganda`s tourism potential Buganda at it`s best: Beautification for development

Research, build and promote Buganda`s cultural sites, cultural animals and cultural lifestyle/norms and traditions of Buganda for economic, development by promoting indigenous knowledge and applying modern technologies to preserve and market Buganda`s Tourism potential through collaborative efforts.

Developing and harnessing our tourism potential to complement Buganda`s economic growth.

In carrying out its operations, the Ministry is guided by the core values of Buganda namely;

  1. Okukuuma enonno, eby`obuwangwa n`obulombolombo bwa Buganda.
  2. Okukuuma n`okulwanirira ettaka lya Buganda.
  3. Okukulembeza Nnamulondo
  4. Okukuuma obumu.

These values are enshrined in the following principles: excellence, constant consultations with the Katikkiro, innovation, transparency and integrity: accountability: teamwork and empowerment of people through hands on approach.

For more details: Visit Ministry of Tourism Buganda Kingdom