1. Spearheading Buganda`s policy formulation in the area of tourism.
  2. Identification and standardization of potential tourism sites in Buganda.
  3. Promoting Buganda Royal Tours and Travel Ltd.
  4. Accelerated research into historical facts for cross generation information. And building a Buganda Museum for the same.
  5. Finger printing of areas that are eligible for encroachment.
  6. Preservation of cultural sites and rare Ganda species and information in a Buganda museum.
  7. Improving cooperate governance of the above by a Buganda Tourism Board, information documentation and maintenance in a data bank.
  8. Safety studies in plant chemistry and animal biology to get a possible indication of shelf life.
  9. Capacity building including education and training.
  10. Massive advocacy, networking and building alliances especially with the following ; Buganda Land Board, Bakatikkiro bamasiro, Local District Councils, NEMA, World Tourism Organisation, Embassy Cultural attaches, NCRL,, The Cross-cultural Foundation of Uganda, Private Sector Foundation, Faculty of Tourism Nkumba University etc.

For more details: Visit Ministry of Tourism Buganda Kingdom