In 1996, Kabaka Foundation registered as a trust to promote, encourage and support cultural, educational, literacy, economic, social and charitable projects for the benefit of the public in Buganda and Uganda at large. Among the key social evils, the Foundation sought to team up with social development partners to tackle wallowing poverty and social deprivation among Kabaka’s subjects.

The decadence in which Uganda had been plunged by the past ruling regimes is well documented and need not be repeated here. The plight of the people especially in the rural areas and particularly women and children was, in many aspects, appalling.

The social economic situation coupled with environmental deterioration prompted the Kabaka to conceive the idea of the KABAKA FOUNDATION. This was with clear understanding that great as the efforts of the government were in addressing these problems, there was a concrete need for supplementary support and concerted action in order to have an impact.

The Foundation was thus set up in 1995 to cooperate and coordinate with Government, development agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations and individuals to address social-economic and environmental problems.