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    Majestic Brands located at Muganzirwazza Commercial Plaza, Kibuye Ring Road,Kampala 1st Floor, Shop No
  • Kabaka Ronald Mutebi's 21st…

    Kabaka of Buganda Kindom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi (C) and the Nabagereka (R) arrive at Mengo,Kampala,Uganda during the…
  • Bulange Building in Mengo

    Bulange is one of the most significant buildings found in the palace (Lubiri). It hosts the Kingdom`s administration…
  • Muganzirwazza Complex Building

    Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has officially commissioned off Muganzirwazza Commercial Plaza in Katwe with a call…
  • Kiganda Traditional Dance

    Baakisiimba, Nankasa, Muwogola is a traditional Baganda dance that originated in the palace of the King of Buganda and…
  • Map of Buganda Kingdom

    Amasaza ga Katikkiro webyaalo mwegali gona. Map of Buganda showing counties

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Buganda lukiiko pass tough resolutions

Buganda lukiiko pass tough resolutions

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Buganda Lukiiko sits to commemorate the passing on of the former Katikkiro Mayanja Nkangi

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Buganda health day: Kabaka advocates for men involvement in the fight against HIV AIDS

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Buganda Kingdom-KCCA partner to promote …

Buganda Kingdom-KCCA partner to promote sanitation

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Ssaabasajja Kabaka highlights the import…

Ssaabasajja Kabaka highlights the importance of clans paying courtesy visit to the palace

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Buganda Kingdom ready to uplift the heal…

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Over 1000 graduate at Muteesa 1 Royal Un…

Over 1000 graduate at Muteesa 1 Royal University

February, 10, 2017 One thousand one hundred eighty nine (1189) studen... Read more

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1217 - 1247

He was born to prince Kalemeera and Wannyana of the Nsenene clan (Grasshopper). He ruled from 1217 to 1247 and his Royal sister (Lubuga) was Nalaki whom he left at Kibulala. After Nalaki, Kimera got another Lubuga called Naddangira who was found at Naggulu. His sacred Twin (Omulongo) was called Lukungo, his Home (Nnyumba) was called Bunnyabukadde and his Jjembe was called Ntembe.

Prime Minister

Baakitunda of the Ffumbe clan. Kimera


1) Nabukalu of the Lugave clan (Pangolin).
2) Nnakku of the Ffumbe clan (African Civet).
3) Namagembe Nanzigu of the Mbogo clan (Buffalo).


1). Lumansi

2). Magembe.

It is said that Kimera planned for the death of his son Lumansi because he did not want him to take over the throne. Lumansi died and left a son Ttembo who retaliated and killed his grandfather for killing his father and took over as king of Buganda.

Who is Kimera?
Most historians agree that there is a close relationship between the royal families of Buganda and Bunyoro. What is debatable however is the nature of the relationship, and when the two became separate. Here, we will address the issue of who Kimera was according to the oral tradition of the Baganda.

When Kintu died, his officials did not want to make this public knowledge in the fear that this might cause instability in the kingdom. So Kintu was buried secretly at Nnono, and the officials put out the word that the king had disappeared. After some time, the officials chose Ccwa, one of Kintu's sons to become king in his father's place. Ccwa had only one son called Kalemeera. Kalemeera was only a young boy by the time his father ascended the throne. As he became older, Kalemeera began to understand the significance of the story that his grandfather Kintu had disappeared. He became apprehensive that Ccwa his father might also disappear in the same way. Thus Kalemeera began following his father around everywhere he went, fearful of letting him out of his sight. Eventually, Ccwa became exasperated with his son's behavior and he concocted a plan that would force Kalemeera to leave his father's side.

The scheme that was concocted involved Walusimbi the Katikkiro (Prime Minister), falsely accusing Kalemeera of having had an illicit affair with his wife. When the case was brought before Ccwa, the king ruled against his son, and he fined him heavily. Kalemeera was forced to go to Bunyoro to seek the help of king Winyi in paying off the fine. According to this version of history, Winyi was the son of Rukidi Mpuga Isingoma, founder of the Bunyoro dynasty. But since Rukidi was Kintu's brother and Kintu was the father of Ccwa, it follows that Winyi was Kalemeera's uncle and he was in a position to help him out at this hour of need. Bunyoro at that time was the only source of iron implements in the whole region and Kalemeera's plan was to import some of these into Buganda and use the profits to help pay off the fine.

The story continues that while in Bunyoro, Kalemeera had an affair with Wannyana, one of Winyi's wives. When it became evident that Wannyana had become pregnant as a result, Kalemeera decided to return to Buganda quickly to escape Winyi's wrath. Unfortunately for him, Kalemeera fell ill on the way home and he died. His attendants took his skull and buried it at Sserinnya in Busiro. Since then, a memorial house for Kalemeera has been maintained at Sserinnya.
In the meantime, Wannyana came to term and gave birth to a baby boy who later came to be called Kimera. Kimera grew up in Bunyoro, under the care of Katumba, of the Nkima clan, who was a close friend and advisor of Wannyana. Katumba had tricked Winyi into having the baby thrown away rather than have him killed as would otherwise have happened. He then secretly rescued the boy. Back in Buganda, Ccwa continued to rule as king. At his death, Ccwa had no male heir to succeed him since his son Kalemeera had already died. So Walusimbi, of the Ffumbe clan was given stewardship of the throne. Walusimbi proved unpopular however, and he was soon replaced by Ssebwaana, of the Lugave clan. Since neither of these was of the royal lineage, they are considered to have been only stewards rather than kings. The throne was in need of a royal occupant so the clan leaders decided to send for Kimera in Bunyoro, whom they had been informed was a son of Kalemeera.

When Kimera left Bunyoro to come to Buganda, he knew he was going to become king and he brought many people and a lot of property with him. Wannyana his mother, and her friend Katumba were among the many people who came with Kimera. A total of 28 clans are said to have come into Buganda at Kimera's time. Katumba was given the nickname Mugema meaning he who prevented trouble because he prevented Kimera's death as a boy. Katumba was head of the Nkima clan, and 'Mugema' became his official title. Because of his role in rearing Kimera to maturity, and guiding him to the throne of Buganda, Mugema is regarded as one of the most important clan leaders.

The royal lineage from Kimera's time to the present king is unbroken despite the interruption of 1966-1993. Because he filled the great void that occurred after the reign of Ccwa I, Kimera is held in great awe by the Baganda, second only to that with which Kintu, the dynasty's founder is regarded. Indeed, a prince ascending the throne is always told that he is succeeding Kimera his ancestor. This had special resonance for Mutebi II the present king, because he also came to the throne after a period when the royal reign had been interrupted. This led the clan leaders to go beyond the ritual reminders, and actually name him Kimera at the coronation.