Thursday 2nd February 2017

The 2017 edition Kabaka’s birthday run has today been launched by the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga at Bulange gardens, Mengo.

This year’s theme states, “Kabaka in relation with education”

In his speech, Katikkiro pointed out the lack of awareness among the culprits has been among the major factors that led to the spread of diseases. “The strongest and most dangerous of the factors is lack of awareness. For example, HIV AIDS when it first appeared in the early 1980s around Masaka-Kyotera areas of Uganda, it was attributed to witch craft, and the witch doctors pretended to diagnose what was afflicting a big number of young people then. In a similar vain for many people in this country, the sickle cell culprits are off springs of parents with what people term, bad blood or those who are cast. This is because they are not aware, that is the level at which they can reason out things”. Mr. Mayiga added

He tasked leaders at all levels to encourage people to live a good health. “As leaders of Buganda we are challenged to promote the good health of the people of Buganda and Ugandans in general, and for that reason we are partnering with the central government in the ministry of health and the sickle cell association headed by Hajji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige to bring forth awareness. We believe that awareness will encourage the parents and their off springs with sickle cell disease to discard fear and to discard the logical belief in witch craft and superstition. We believe that awareness will encourage the young to go for testing before marriage and to sick treatment once found to be afflicted with sickle cell disease”.

“We thank the Kabaka for teaching us to leave a healthy life style. Every morning he does physical exercises purposely to teach us how important doing exercises is”. Katikkiro Noted

Katikkiro testing for sickle cell at Bulange as Dr. Mukwaya and Minister Jane Achieng look on.

On the Kabaka’s instructions, Buganda celebrates his birthday by emphasizing the fundamental importance of good health.

For the past three years, the Kabaka’s birthday run has been carried out under the theme, Fight against fistula, kitovu hospital in Masaka where the fistula patients are treated from, has been receiving this support from the efforts of the Kabaka.

This year the remunerations from the birthday run will support the sickle cell patients.

The health minister in the government of Uganda, Dr. Jane Ruth Achieng revealed that Buganda region holds the big number of sickle cell culprits, therefore the need to fight against is demanding.

Kabaka’s birthday run is scheduled to take place a week prior to the climax of birthday celebrations.

Lubiri High School Buloba campus will host this year’s birthday and His Majesty the Kabaka will open up a new class room block which accommodates over 1600 students, 50 per class.