February 24, 2017

The Kingdom of Buganda is ready to work with the central government agencies and ministries in areas where both can complement each other for the good of the citizens.

“Some of you may recall that Ssaabasajja Kabaka directed us to work with central government agencies when we were in Bugerere in 2014, because we serve the same people, at the end of the day the subjects of the Kabaka are the people for whom you work. If we don’t work together, we might end up doing a disservice to the people, and I believe that the health of Ugandans is a pre-requisite to the social and economic transformation of the country”. Katikkiro noted

Katikkiro highlighted the areas that pose danger to the health of Ugandans.

“We must banish ignorance from our communities; a fear of witchcraft is a danger to the well-being of Ugandans, Everything being attributed to witchcraft, the big danger of Prayers that heal diseases, people line up for holy water; there are religious leaders trying to convince people that HIV AIDS can be cured by prayer sessions. I would like to urge the ministry of health in central government to come out strongly against these tendencies. That’s to say witchcraft and power of prayers.

The call was made while addressing the different partners in the fight against Sickle cell who turned up at the ministry of health to find way forward.

This year’s Kabaka’s birthday run is to be carried out under the theme “Fight against Sickle cell” and the run will be held on 9th April at Lubiri Mengo.