May 30, 2017

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has urged all clan heads and leaders to forward their misunderstandings within Clans in the Court of Kisekwa as this is the traditional court in Baganda set up which deals with settling disputes and misunderstandings among clans of Buganda.

He made a call at Lubiri Mengo Palace while receiving the Musu Clan members who paid a courtesy visit to Lubiri as the norm illustrates.

Kabaka also asked the hierarchical leaders of clans to inform their grand daughters and sons the names that are named by their clan so that they don’t forget their clan names.

He further revealed the need of Clan heads to take an initiative of registering their grandsons and daughters from Oluggya to Kasolya. He said, carrying out such an initiative these days is much easier than before due to the presence of technology such as, the use of smart phones and computers which can enable the implementation of this activity in a short time.

The delegation was led by Omutaka Muyingo, who reported the achievements and challenges of the Musu Clan and the way forward of overcoming such challenges. In the report, he displayed a plan which showed how the new house of the Clan head will look like.

 An Architectual impression of the house of Musu Clan head

Among the delegation was the father of Nnabagereka Mr. Luswata among others.

Nnabagereka Sylivia Nagginda also graced the occasion.