August 5, 2017

Kabaka hosts Mbogo clan members as he questions the undetailed land amendment bill that seeks to take land from the subjects without compensation.

Kabaka made remarks at Lubiri as the Mbogo clan members paid a courtesy visit in an initiative commonly known as Ebika Okulanya embuga.

His Majesty urged the government to explain with details what is intended in the proposed land amendment bill as questions arise from all corners what it’s about. He said, even some leaders are green about the bill whereas they need to be well versed with the amendment so that they can emphasize the public to go with the benefits of it.

Ssaabasajja commended the Mbogo clan leadership for the tremendous work done during the 24th coronation anniversary that was held at Buweekula.

The Mbogo clan head Omutaka Kayiira Gajuule reported to the Kabaka their way forward and forwarded to Him a report highlighting what they have achieved and their future plans, and applauded the grandsons and daughters of the Mbogo clan for their participation in the Clan and Kingdom activities.

Kabaka was presented with Amakula that the Mbogo clan members were able to give to him.

The ceremony was held in Lubiri Mengo.