August 21, 2017

The 1st sitting of the 25th Buganda Lukiiko has convened today to look into His Majesty’s speech which he delivered during the opening of the 25th Buganda great Lukiiko.

The Lukiiko looked into the matters that were raised by the Kabaka hence paving way of how to implement them for the benefit of His subjects wherever they are.

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga called on the people of Buganda to take into consideration the words delivered by Kabaka through engaging in productive farming, abstain from sexually related activities that result into acquisition of HIV AIDS and supporting the developments that are put forward by the Mengo government.

Katikkiro throw more light about land issues, differentiating land that is owned by the Kabaka himself and that land under the ownership of the Kingdom of Buganda. He said there are people who have created offices with the purpose of imposing themselves as land brokers who intend to have a know how about land that belongs to Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa.

Mr. Mayiga warned all those behind the acts that are intended to steal land from the innocent Ugandans that their time is over.

He further advised the government to first pay land owners where it intends to establish developments as this will resolves the disputes that might arise when the government use forces to take someone’s land before compensation.

The Lukiiko welcomed the arch Bishop of “York” Dr. John Tuck Mugabi Ssentamu for his dedicated services to the Anglican Church of UK as this has put the Uganda flag high.