November 15, 2017

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga at Bikongoolo's farm at Bbaale, observes how a coffee tree is palnted.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga visited Bugerere County in a bid to encourage the people of Buganda engage in coffee farming in order to get rid of poverty and also to launch “Emmwanyi Terimba” campaign.


Katikkiro visited several farmers in different parts of Bugerere namely; Bikongoolo Kahlid of Bbaale sub county, Bilali of Gayaza Sub County and Ponsiano Lutaaya of Bukonya village.


In his address to the people who gathered at the different stopping centers, Katikkiro urged the youths to stop the fear that is inside their hearts and start venturing in coffee farming activities as a way of fighting poverty that is rampant especially among the youths and also to better their standards of living.



Mr. Bilali (Black T-shirt) shows Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga how to harvest coffee.


He said, the youths should come up with all their confidence and start coffee farming by being the most beneficially of the Kingdom led coffee planting campaign codenamed “Emmwanyi Terimba”.


Katikkiro also called on the Uganda police force to deal with people who steal the crops and farming products of farmers as stealing has turned the hopes of farmers hence loosing energy of farming again.


The Kabaka’s subjects of Bugerere welcomed Katikkiro in cheers and ululations showing their allegiance to the Kabaka and the Kingdom of Buganda at large.



See how cheers and ululations welcomed Katikkiro at Bbaale Sub county, Kayunga Bugerere.


Bodabodas waited anxiously for Katikkiro at Ssezibwa Bridge that ushers you in Bugerere County. He was then escorted to Bbaale Sub County where he kicked off the campaign in the company of Buganda Kingdom Ministers, Masaza County chiefs and central government leaders led by members of parliament and district chairperson.