February 20, 2018

Buganda Kingdom will not accept the abolish of mailo land titles as said by the land probe committee led by Justice Catherine Bamugemereirwe in its report.

The Justice Catherine Bamugemereire land commission has recommended the scrapping of the Mailo land tenure system, a direct attack on Buganda and the Kabaka. The Mailo land system is the one used in the Kingdom. The commission however didn’t give any reasons as to why they think the mailo system is the problem to land conflicts in the country.


This has prompted Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga to come out clearly and denounce the recommendation of this commission.

“I want to immediately put them on notice that we shall not allow that. We shall not give them space to play with people’s land. I don’t say this to excite, we have concrete points and that is why I oppose someone who says that,” Mr Mayiga said as he received kingdom subjects from Makulubita and Nnyimbwa sub-counties of Bulemeezi County at Bulange.

The land commission’s recommendation is not surprising as the commission was long considered to be only interested in Buganda’s land which is the most valuable today. “Mailo land is not a system used in Amuru and in all the others places where conflicts are taking place on land,” says Moses Okello, a land expert. “Therefore for them to say mailo land is the problem, they are being extremely dishonest,” he added.

Katikkiro was this morning addressing the Kabaka’s subjects from sub counties of Makulubita and Nnyimbwa, Bulemeezi County who had turned up at Bulange to respond to an initiative code named Luwalo Lwaffe. They both raised a total amount of UGX3, 000,000.


Katikkiro Mayiga has given six reasons as to why there are land conflicts in the country. According to him, land conflicts are caused by the following:


1. The inefficiency of police in detecting and investigating land related matters


2 .The inefficiency of courts and failure to expeditiously dispose of land cases


3. The confusion and corruption in all land registries


4. The increase in population which exerts pressure on available land


5. Overuse of land which degrades its nutritional content hence leading to poor yields. This means bigger chunks of land are sought to sustain its users


6. Political interference in land matters. RDC’s obstruct enforcement of court orders; politically connected people who seem to be above the law grabbing land with impunity.