June 30, 2018

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has today commissioned a project that will see solar lights to provide security installed on Kabaka Roard at Kireka.

Above: Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga commissioning the security lights along Kabaka Road in Kireka.

The initiative came after the road had spent years without security lights on something which tempted Katikkiro Mayiga to request the leaders of the then Kira municipality council led by Mayor Mamerito Mugerwa. The road had escalated criminality in the area due to increased darkness, prompting public complaints.

During the launch, Katikkiro Mayiga urged the residents of Kireka to uphold community service in order to maintain the road that takes the King home clean.

According to the Mayor, Kira Municipality Julius Mutebi, told the gathering that over 20 solar lights had been acquired for the cause.

Shs117million have been spent on the project, according to the mayor.

Residents along the road say that the darkness at night had attracted thieves, robbers, and rapists.

The occasion was witnessed by the members of Kira Municipal council, Kabaka’s chiefs, and the residents.