10th April 2019


Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga sharing a moment with Keith Lubinga the head prefect of Pioneer primary school Zana

Children are the best resource the nation is endowed with, many countries are endowed with gold mines, minerals, and oil which are precious and valuable, but the best resource in Uganda is the children, and if you want to develop the country you need to ensure the standard of the family where the child comes from.

Speaking this, Katikkiro was addressing the parents and children of Pioneer Kindergarten and Primary school at Zana.

He said, Children should be provided with the necessities such as, food, education, instilling good values, hardworking, should be appreciated if they do good, that is when the country will get good persons and better citizen who will lead to its development.

He added, parents have the responsibility of shaping up the child’s behavior and implementing positive values in them.

Mr. Mayiga has also urged teachers to promote the children’s talents in case they see a related character in the child as this will help them to elevate to the stardom in future.

The head teacher of the school, Mrs Hanifa Kawooya thanked Buganda Kingdom for lending a helping hand in the promotion of the education sector in Uganda.

This visit was as a result of one Keith Lubinga, the head prefect of the school, who invited Katikkiro to pay them a visit. Lubinga’s role model is Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga who shade tears while giving his speech on behalf of the students. The excited Lubinga couldn’t control the tears after seeing Katikkiro responding to his call.