He was born to MuteesaI and Ndibuwaakaani of the Mmamba clan and his Royal sister was called Bitissaali Zansanze Kaamuwanda. His Twin was called Gguluddene, the Home (Nnyumba) was called Bukulu and his Jjembe was called Kisituzi. He ruled from 12-10-1888 to 11-10-1889 which means he ruled for only one year and his Prime Minister was Muguluma of the Njovu clan. He constructed Katareke prision.

His tombs are found at Mmende in Busiro.

He had four wives who included

1) Sophia Kabakalongoosa of the Nkima clan

2) Mai Nabikukuuzi of the Nkima clan

3) Veronica Nabiwemba of the Ndiga clan

4) Josephine Nnampa Nabibonge of the Nseenene clan

His children included

  1. Besemeresi Ddimbwe,
  2. Zzimbe,
  3. Ramathan Ndawula,
  4. Maria Kaamuwanda Batindirakibaze and
  5. Joseph Musanje.

He killed many of the Buganda princes and imprisoned many of them for fear that they would take over his throne. When many wars broke up in Buganda, he ran from the Kingdom to Bunyoro from where he died.