1367 - 1397

He was born to Ssekabaka Kayima and Nababinge of the Mmamba clan and his Royal sister was Luwedde. His Twin was called Lukuba, his Home (Nnyumba) was called Bazibumbira and the Jjembe was called Siimuwuune.

Prime Ministers (Bakatikkiro)

1).  Kagali of the Nvuma clan

2).  Kalumba of the Ffumbe clan.


1) Nabitaka of the Mmamba clan
2) Namulondo Najjantyo of the Butiko clan
3) Nalunga of the Nvuma clan
4) Najjemba of the Å‹Å‹onge clan
5) Nassuna of the Mmamba clan
6) Nannono of the Ngo clan
7) Nanzigu of the Mbogo clan
8) Kabejja.


1).  Mulondo

2).  Jjemba

3).  Ssuuna

4).  Princess Batenga

5).  Princess Nzigu

6).  Kayizzi.

His tombs are found at Kkongojje in Busiro but his body was laid at Kitinda also in Busiro

Nakibinge called Kibuuka Kyobe Omumbaale from the Ssese Island to come and rescure the Kingdom of Buganda during the wars with Bunyoro Kingdom. They fought and won the war but were both killed during the battle. Kibuuka was killed first when they discovered his tactics of fighting and then Nakibinge was killed towards the end of the war.