He was born to Ssekabaka Mutebi1 and Nabukalu Nabbuto of the Lugave clan and his Royal sister was Nandawula. His Twin was called Kabuno, his Home (Nnyumba) was called Bazibumbira and the Jjembe was called Kasajja. He ruled from 1715 to 1742 and his Prime Minister was Mujambula of the Ffumbe clan. His tombs are found at Merera but his body was taken to Bundeke. He had five wives who included the following;

1) Balangazza of the Mbogo clan
2) Nabbali of the Ffumbe clan
3) Nnaabaazika of the Nkima clan
4) Nakuwanda of the Nkima clan
5) Nakyanziirana of the Njovu clan.

He never had children.