1247 - 1277

He was born to prince Lumansi and Nattembo of the Mmamba clan (Lung fish) and his royal sister (Lubuga) was called Nazibanja. His Twin (Omulongo) was called Lutimba while his Jjembe was called Kasajja.

Prime Minister

1). Kiridde of the Kkobe clan ( Air Potato).


1).  Najjemba of the Ngonge clan (Otter)


1).  Kiggala Ssewannaka Mukaabya Kungubu

2).  Lutimba

3).  Nazibanja who was his only daughter.

His tombs are found at Luwoka in Busiro.

Ttembo loved his subjects and would dismiss any chief who would mistreat the people. He even elected councilors to the Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament) to report to him those chiefs who mistreated his subjects. It`s from here that the Buganda Lukiiko started. He became sick and later ran mad. That`s why the Baganda say Ayita Ttembo when one becomes mad.