The Prime Minister


Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga

The Prime Minister of Buganda

Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga is the Katikkiro of Buganda, since 2013.
Prior to the appointment he had served the Kingdom in different capacities: – as a Principal Administrative Secretary to the Ssaabataka’s Supreme Council (the precursor to the Great Buganda Lukiiko) ( 1991 – 1994). As a member of the Great Buganda Lukiiko (1994 -1995). As Junior Minister, Lukiiko Affairs (1995 – 1996). As Minister for Cabinet &Lukiiko Affairs and Youth (1996 – 2002).  As Minister for Cabinet &Lukiiko Affairs; Information; Youth and Kingdom Spokesperson (2002 – 2005). As Minister for Cabinet &Lukiiko Affairs; Information and Kingdom Spokesperson (2008 – 2013). He was involved either directly or by virtue of his different roles within the Kingdom, in the starting of a number of Kingdom organizations and companies, to wit, CBS FM; BUCADEF; Buganda Land Board; K2 Telecom among others. He either served on all their boards or rendered them service as an official of the Kingdom.   Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga is a lawyer and one of the Founder Partners of M/s Buwule&Mayiga Advocates, a law firm specializing in commercial and land transactions; investments; company matters; intellectual property, among others. The law firm was established in 1994, and is currently located at 234, Akii Bua Road, Nakasero, Kampala.   Prior to being named Katikkiro, he served on numerous boards of professional bodies, organizations and companies. He receives awards locally and internationally for his service to community in Buganda, Uganda and the Diaspora. He is an entrepreneur who has engaged in many significant business undertakings.   He is an author of 5 books to date, “Work and Prosper” being the latest, for which he has been named as the best Outstanding Non- Fiction Writer and was awarded the “Janzi Award”. His other books are: King on the Throne, the Story of the Restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda” (a Luganda version of the book is currently in print and it will be titled: Kabaka ku Nnamulondo)“Buganda ku Ntikko”Uganda 7 Key Transformation Idea”, and “Ettoffaali”.   Charles Peter Mayiga is eloquent and when he speaks people listen. He is married to Margaret and God has blessed them with three children. He is the last of 15 children born to the late  Cyprian K.B. Mukasa and the late Rebecca Kyese Mukasa of Kasanje, Bukoto, Buddu in the administrative district of Masaka.   He belongs to the Mutima Clan. His mother is of  Engabi Clan. He gets along with others, has zeal for changing communities especially in the social, cultural and economic spheres. He enjoys reading, writing, sports and music.