Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II

34th (1898 to 1939) He was born to Ssekabaka Mwanga II and Evelyn Kulabako Maasoombira of the Ngabi clan and his royal sister was Kaamuwanda Batindira. His Muolongo was called Bakyawa, his home (Nnyumba) was called Muzibwazaalampnga and his Jjembe was called Kasajja. He was born on the 8-8-1897 and he took over the throne when he was only one year old. He ruled from 1898 to 1939 and his Prime Ministers were Sir Apollo Kaggwa of the Nseenene clan, Tefero Kisosonkole of the Nkima clan, Nsibirwa of the Nvuma clan and Samuel Sebagereka of the Mmamba clan.

Daudi Chwa II, was enthroned 34th King of Buganda, aged only 4 years, shortly after his father (Mwanga) had been forced out of his kingdom, and into exiled in the Seychelles Islands. Daudi Chwa II became the first reigning King of Buganda to openly declare himself as a 'practicing' Christian. Chwa II became the first king of Buganda to have his wedding solemnizOn September 19, 1914 he married Druscilla Namaganda. A year later, in 1915 Chwa II was the chief guest, both at the ground-breaking ceremony for launching the construction, and five years later at the official opening and consecration of the present Cathedral at Namirembe, on September 13, 1919.

Some historians refer to Daudi Chwa as having been a "king without authority", basically because he was directly surrounded by imperial forces. Secondly, as a young king, the constitution required that most decisions had to be made by the three regents, who were appointed at his enthronement.

The same historians claim that the regents used this 'vacuous' period to grab chunks of Buganda's property ed in church. (especially land) and transferred in unto themselves as personal property. It is said that Chwa II had a miserable kingship and his death, in 1942, was both untimely and premature. His tombs are found at Kasubi Nabulagala.

He had eight wives who include the following;

  • Namubiru of the Mmamba clan
  • Namukasa of the Ngabi clan
  • Nakitto of the Ngeye clan
  • Judith Mbakebuse of the Mmamba clan
  • Nakasolya of the Ngabi clan
  • Nabankema of the Musu clan
  • Lunkuse of the Egonge clan
His children included Mawanda, Lincoln Ndawula, Princess Mpologoma, Princess Lwantale (Nassolo) Muteesa II, Jjuuko, Lumaama, Kimbugwe, Muggale, Mazzi, Tebandeke, Nabweteme, Takalema and Ssimbwa. Ccwa was so young when he took over power whereby he had to rule through regents who included Sir Apollo Kaggwa, Stanslas Mugwanya and Zaakaria Kisingiri.