Ssekabaka Jjemba

10th (1510 to 1530) Ssekabaka Jjemba succeeded his brother King Mulondo to the throne in 1510. He was born to Kabaka Nakibinge and his wife Najjemba of the Ngonge clan. He established his capital at Bubango hill in Busiro.

His reign is remembered as being kind and gentle. He was a very happy man who enjoyed music and dancing. He loved his people and advocated for unity. During his reign, whoever visited the palace would be served with meals and drinks. This love and generosity made him a darling to many of his subjects.

He established the courts of law to help solve conflicts among his subjects. 

Ssekabaka Jjemba lived for a very long time in that all his children died before him. He introduced a drum which sounded “Anaaloga aloge, Jjemba alifa bukadde”.

He was buried at Gombe in Bulemeezi, while his jawbone is kept at Bubango, in Busiro.