Ssekabaka Nnakibinge

8th (1440 to 1490)
Kabaka Nakibinge was born to Kabaka Kayima and Nababinge of the Mmamba clan. Upon succeeding his father as King, Nakibinge faced strong challenges from his cousin prince Juma, a son to his uncle Kyabayinze. He was a great leader and a militant who fought several battles to expand his Kingdom.

During his reign, Nakibinge launched attacks on Bulemezi, which roused the attention of the Omukama of Bunyoro. In the ensuing years, the war raged on, and the heavy attacks of the Banyoro forced Nakibinge to seek military aid from the Islands of Ssesse where he received support from Kibuuka Kyobe Omumbaale.

Kibuuka was a god in human form, who joined the war against the Banyoro. He was able to fly high in the sky, and showered spears from to Banyoro soldiers from the sky which confused them.

With Kibuuka’s help, Nakibinge was able to win the war and gained territory deeper into Bunyoro. However, this boost in military force only guaranteed victory for a brief moment for Nakibinge, as the Banyoro regrouped and drove Nakibinge’s army from Bunyoro.

Kibuuka was killed after revealing his secret to a Munyoro girl, who in turn reported it to her Kingdom. He was speared to the ground and died as a result of the wounds he sustained.

Considered the greatest war deity, Kibuuka’s remains were preserved at a shrine where his spirit could be summoned during war at Mbaale hill near Mpigi Town. However Kibuuka’s shrine was looted during the colonial times and some of the contents including his jaw bone were taken and were displayed at the Cambridge Museum in the United Kingdom.

Nakibinge married 8 wives and they had several children between them.

Kabaka Nakibinge was also killed in the battle against the Banyoro, at Busajja, in 1490, and his remains were buried at Kongojje, Busiro.