Ssekabaka Kayima

7th (1415 to 1440)
Kabaka Kayima Ssendikaddiwa was born to Prince Wampamba Sserumirabikizzi and Nakayima of the Butiko clan. He ascended the throne upon the death of his grandfather Kiggala Mukaabya in 1415, and established his capital at Nazigo hill.

He is described as a brave man and a great fighter who fought for his people during his reign.

He married two wives: Nababinge of the Mmamba clan and Naddogo of the Ngeye clan and together were blessed with several children.

He had two Prime Ministers (Bakatikkiro)
1.   Ssendikaddiwa of the Nseenene clan
2.   Walugali of the Lugave clan.

Kabaka Kayima was killed in battle against Chief Bwakamba of Nyendo, at Sunga, in 1440, and buried at Nabulagala in Busiro.