Ssekabaka Kiggala Mukaabya

6th (1400 to 1415)
Kabaka Kiggala is the 5th Kabaka of Buganda in the current dynasty. He was eldest son to Ssekabaka Ttembo Kiridde and his wife Najjemba of Ngonge Clan. Ssekabaka Kiggala had two terms of kingship. During his first tenure, he took to the thron upon the death of his father and established his capital at Kitala in Busiro.

Kabaka Kiggala was a very serene monarch and people loved him. However, due to old age, in 1380, Kiggala abdicated the throne in favor of his son Ntege Kiyimba.

He however Kabaka kiyimba died before Kiggala, and people called upon to Kiggala to resume his throne which he did in 1400.

Unfortunately, Kiggala went blind immediately after his second accession to the throne. This forced his second reign to run under the regency of his Prime Ministers. He was the longest serving monarch compared to his predecessors.

Kiggala had several wives; Nabukalu; Nakawuka; Nakimera; Nakku; Nakyosiga, and Nawampamba with several children. He later died and his remains where buried at Ddambwe. Kiggala was succeeded by his grandson Kayima Ssendikaddiwa.