Ssekabaka Ttembo Kiridde

4th (1330 to 1360)
Kabaka Ttembo Kiridde was born to Prince Lumansi and Namasole Nattembo. He ascended the throne after killing his grandfather, Ssekabaka Kimera, accidentally during a hunting exercise. However, there some claims that the clubbing might have been deliberate. Upon his succession to the throne, he established his capital at Ntinda hill.

 He’s reign was a short one because he became insane after succession to the throne. This was regarded by most people as a curse for assassinating his grandfather. It’s alleged that most of the people who were mentally unstable during his reign kept calling his name Ttembo and Kimera, his grandfather’s, hence the description of “Ayita Ttembo” for the mentally unstable persons in Buganda.

He was married to Najjemba and they had several children both male and female.

Ssekabaka Ttembo was buried at Bujuuko, Busiro.