Ssekabaka Kimera

3rd (1275 to 1330)
Kabaka Kimera was the only son to Prince Kalemeera who died on his way back to Buganda from Bunyoro, where he had been exiled by his father. He was unlucky, for he died before ascending the throne, paving way for his son, Kimera whom he bore with Wannyana, who was one of King Winyi of Bunyoro’s wives.

Considering the circumstances under which Kimera was born, King Winyi issued orders to kill him immediately after birth. The baby was however saved by a man called Katumba who is believed to have been a friend and an advisor to Wannyana. He hid him, nurtured him to maturity and guided him to back to Buganda.

On ascending the throne, Kimera made Katumba the leader of the monkey (Nkima) clan and bestowed the title Mugema to him as a gesture for his appreciation.

When Ccwa Nabakka died, he had no male heir, as he had one son, Kalemeera, who had died earlier. Officials in the Kingdom agreed to give powers to Walusimbi of the Fumbe Clan to lead them. Walusimbi’s became very unpopular and people rebelled against him, leaving the Kingdom seat vacant under the custody of Ssebwana.

As mentioned earlier, Kimera was brought home to salvage the Kingdom after a 20 year interregnum, at a very tender age. Upon ascending the throne, Kimera became the 3rd Kabaka of Buganda after Kato Kintu and Ccwa Nabakka.

On his way to Buganda, Kimera came with a huge force of more than 16 clans and established his capital at Bumera, in Busiro with Baalitunda of the Ffumbe clan as his Prime Minister (Katikkiro).

Kimera was a very kind man who governed his Kingdom with humility. He was a visionary leader who fostered development especially when he introduced agriculture and cattle keeping to Buganda. Many of his people took up these activities and enhanced their livelihoods. His era also saw the invention of the backcloth.

Kabaka Kimera married 3 wives; Nabukalu of the Lugave Clan; Nakku of the Ffumbe Clan and Namagembe of the Mbogo Clan. He had 2 sons; Lumansi and Magembe who also had children of their own.

Kabaka Kimera was a great hunter, no wonder, he was killed in a hunting accident by his grandson Tembo Kiridde, who later succeeded him to the throne. 

He was buried at the site of his tragic death, but his remains where later exhumed and reburied at Lunnyo in Entebbe.