Ssekabaka Chwa Nabakka

2nd (1230 to 1275)
Ccwa Nabakka I was the youngest son of Ssekabaka Kato Kintu who ascended to the throne upon the death of his father, and established his capital at Bigo hills in Busiro with Walusimbi as his Prime Minister (Katikkiro). Little is written about his life, but he was married to two wives Nnabakyala Kaddulubaale Nakku and Nakiwala. He had only one, Prince Kalemeera.
Ccwa Nabakka exiled his only son Kalemeera to Bunyoro for fear that he would oust him from the throne, where he eventually died on his way back to Buganda. He however left behind and expectant woman, Wannyana of the Nsenene clan, who later gave birth to Prince Kimera.

When Ssekabaka Ccwa Nabakka I died, the throne remained vacant because his only son, Prince Kalemeera had died from exile.

After a 20 years’ interregnum, the Baganda decided to bring Prince Kimera home to salvage the Kingdom and succeed his grandfather Ccwa Nabakka I.

Ssekabaka Ccwa Nabakka’s burial grounds are not known, because it is also believed that he just disappeared like his father Kintu Kato