Ssekabaka Kintu Kato

1st (1200 to 1230)
Kintu Kato is the first King of the current dynasty of the Kingdom of Buganda. It is believed that he was a fierce fighter who came from Ssese Islands, and took over the 5 indigenous clans he found in Buganda, and joined them to his forces of 13 clans.

Having gathered such a huge force, Kintu convinced other clan leaders to join him and eventually formed the Kingdom of Buganda. He settled at Magonga, Nnono, in Busujju, where he held his first meeting and formed his government with Kakulukuku as his first Prime Minister (Katikkiro).

It’s from his time that the Royal lineage (Olulyo Olulangira) was established and separated from other clans which resulted into the 3 cooking stones which sustain the Kingdom. i.e Royal lineage, that produces the Kabaka (Olulyo OLulangira); the clan leaders (Abataba Ab’Obusolya) , and the rest of the subjects (Bakopi / Bazzukulu) from whom the Kingdom government headed by the Prime Minister (Katikkiro) is selected. 

He was married to Nambi Nantuttululu and they had several children, both male and female between them. His burial grounds are unknown, because it is believed that he just disappeared.