• By Our Reporter
  • 30 November, 2022
  • Bulange, Mengo

The Kingdom of Buganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate World AIDS day

In a press briefing held at Bulange this morning, the minister for Lukiiko; Information; Cabinet; Protocol and also the Official Spokesperson of the Kingdom of Buganda, Owek. Noah Kiyimba, delivered the Kingdom’s message on HIV and AIDS.

He revealed that records indicate Buganda as having the highest number of people living with HIV and AIDS, estimated at 8.9%, probably because it hosts the country’s capital city Kampala, coupled with a number of medium sized cities which are also highly populated.

The high population attracts more people to convene for purposes of business, which later aggravates the spread of HIV.

According the minister, the report also indicates that Buganda has the highest number of people living on the AIDS drug, estimated at 500,000 people.

Owek. Kiyimba further attributed the high infections of HIV and AIDS in Buganda to poverty; cross generational sex; domestic violence, multiple sexual partners; little or no interest for condom use; some cultural practices and expectant mothers failing to visit health facilities during pregnancy.

With such overwhelming numbers of infections, the Kingdom has come up with strategies to curtail the further spread of HIV and AIDS.

The Kabaka is the Goodwill Ambassador in the campaign to fight HIV and AIDS in Eastern Africa. This means he leads the campaign and while his chiefs amplify it.  

The Kingdom organises a traditional Campfire for adolescent boys and young men in secondary schools and University, to sensitise them on the prevention of further spread of new HIV/AIDS infections; discourage them against stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV. It is through such campfires that people contribute ideas on how best we can collectively end AIDS by 2030.

The Kingdom conducts Sports tournaments which attract 20000 to 30000 fans, who are organized with a theme Men against HIV/AIDS to save the girl child, these are inclusive of Bika cup, and Masaza cup tournaments.

The Kingdom organizes a women Convention to discuss social and structural drivers of HIV such as harmful gender norms, gender-based violence, stigma and discrimination to empower women to be confident and stand against the bad practices that might lead to acquisition of HIV.

The Kabaka’s Birthday Run 2022 with a theme Men to take lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS to save the girl child, has been dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS. This run is popular and attracts over 80,000 runners from across the country greatly advocated for individual responsibility to prevent HIV in the long run contributes to reduction of fear surrounding the disease.

The Kingdom initiated an HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness and advocacy campaign in the Islands, in particular Kalangala district, which was led by the Katikkiro of Buganda and the Minister for presidency, with health camps that offered free medical services to the people that included HIV Counselling and testing Services.

The Katikkiro discouraged the negative social practices and behaviour among the fisher folk that lead to discrimination of HIV prevention practices.

Sharing of IEC materials with HIV prevention messages on them to the people through social media platforms, broadcasting on media stations and delivering messages against stigma and discrimination of People Living with HIV in the places of worship.

Distribution of Condoms to the boda-boda men, market places, slums to prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS through unprotected sex.

Several discussions on HIV/AIDS across the Kingdom counties spear headed by the youth leaders have been organized and were greatly attended by the leaders of the young people in Baganda Nkobazambogo.

Also, saving groups under PEWOSA enhanced dissemination of HIV/AIDS prevention messages to the people in their communities whenever they seek for credit services.

The Kingdom has also partnered with; Uganda Aids Commission; Ministry of Health; UNDP; TASO, in the effort to end the spread of HIV and AIDS, by the year 2030.

The minister urged people living with HIV and AIDS to visit health facilities for proper medication. He urged the populace to desist from discriminating the sick, but instead comfort and give them hope.
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