• By Our Reporter
  • 06 January, 2023
  • Bulange, Mengo

Katikkiro urges parents to be mindful of their children's academic specialization

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, urged parents to help their children in making the right choices in their academic careers.

This was during Muteesa I Royal University’s 10th graduation ceremony, at Kirumba Masaka.

 Katikkiro noted that if we are to transform our livelihood, parents need to make sure that their children make the right choices with regard to areas of their academic specializations.

 He added that our children’s carrier choices need to be connected with the prevailing circumstances; with what we need in society; in the country and the entire globe, to help them appreciate the relevance of their areas of specialization.

He advised parents to discourage their children from taking courses basing on their friends choices.

 He stressed that education takes center stage in the Kingdom’s strategic plan 2023 – 2028, because of its importance.

 He urged the university to allow the community access it easily through community outreach programs especially in areas of Agriculture; Business; Health; Hygiene; land and other relevant areas.
Katikkiro applauded Ssekabaka Muteesa I’s visionary call for education, which he said has positively transformed the people of Buganda and Uganda as a whole.

 He urged the young graduates to stick to their rich cultural values, and to be mindful of their lives to avoid catching deadly disease especially AIDS which he said higher in young women.

The Chancellor, Muteesa I Roayl University, Justice Julia Ssebutinde, has called upon students to embrace open distance E-Learning which she says has helped many to acquire professional skills without necessarily sitting in classes.

 She urged graduates to be more innovative, embrace science and technology in their work and to be exemplary on their jobs, to portray a good image of the University, on the job market.

 The Minister for Social Services and Office of the Nnabagereka, Oweek Prosperous Nakindu Kavuma, emphasized that graduating is not the final journey to academic success, it’s not just about acquiring papers, but also involves morals and determination.

 The Chairman Board of Directors, Dr. Mary Gorret Nakabugo, thanked parents for enduring all the hardships to educate their children throughout all levels.

 1162 graduates received their degrees, diplomas and certificates. Out of the 1162 graduates, 689 were female while 473 were male. Ammon Mark Kyokwijuka was the best overall student from the faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities. 
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