• By Our Reporter
  • 25 January, 2023
  • Bulange, Mengo

Ganda Boys Earn Nnaabagereka's praise for Buganda Anthem Rendition

Her Royal Highness Lady Sylvia Nagginda, the Nnaabagereka of Buganda, has hailed the Ganda Boys due of Mr. Denis Mugagga and Mr.Dan Sewagudde for the efforts they put into the global movement of having the  Buganda Anthem, also known as 'Ekitibwa Kya Buganda' reproduced by several international renown music chiors.
Nnaabagereka Nagginda, who was meeting the Ganda Boys at her office in Bulange Mmengo on Wednesday this week said everyone was proud of the patriotic spirit and love exhibited by the duo for their culture and heritage.

"We are so happy to host Ganda Boys today,  the ones who took the Buganda anthem to the world. They love the kingdom, they love to see the growth of the kingdom and the people  even when they don't stay here and they are always in the U.K.," the Nnaabagereka said.

She said what the Ganda Boys did shows that they have the heart of seeing Buganda and it's people develop and become better.

 "We thank you Denis and Daniel for the work you are doing, keep doing it, thank you so much," the Nnaabagereka appreciated.

The Ganda Boys worked with choirs from six continents to record a rendition of the Buganda anthem.

Clad in traditional Buganda tunics (Kanzu), Ganda Boys reproduced the anthem working with the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, which is considered to be the most important symphony orchestra in Colombia.

In a video posted on their official YouTube channel, the Ganda Boys described the project as a collaborative piece by the duo and the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra with a new choral arrangement by Ganda Boys founding member, Craig Pruess.

“The Ganda Boys have organized choirs from all six continents of the world to come together in a cultural celebration of Uganda’s heritage, by collaborating in a recording of the Buganda National Anthem,” reads a caption on the video.

The YouTube bio further states that the final recording is being mixed by Grammy winner, Latino producer, and engineer, Daniel Cortes. The project took three years to make.
Formerly known as Da Twins, the duo is a Ugandan singing group based in the United Kingdom (UK) famed for songs such as Mudomo, Ndeku, Zindola, Sente, Nafunye, Ndeku, Dembesa, Munene, Kagutema and Lumonde among others.
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