• By Our Reporter
  • 04 June, 2023
  • Botswana

Kabaka’s People in Botswana have requested for a Constituency (Essaza) to mobilize and strengthen unity amongst themselves

This has been given to the Ppookino, Oweek Jude Muleke, who has been on an official working visit to Botswana on behalf of the Kingdom, to meet Kabaka’s people living in that part of the world.
They requested that a constituency however small, will be used to mobilize themselves through clearly established leadership of the Kabaka of Buganda.
They also asked more about the Kingdom’s develpomental programs are can benefit them, citing houses in Buganda estates, PEWOSA, buying shares in Royal companies, among others.
Thanked the Kabaka for his thought of sending Ppookino to meet and to know them for the very first time.
Posted by Buganda Kingdom