• By Our Reporter
  • 25 July, 2023
  • Nottingham University, United Kingdom

Princess Sarah Katrina Ssangalyambogo graduates at Nottingham University

The Princess graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Management from Nottingham University Business School in the United Kingdom.
The award ceremony occurred on Monday, 24th July 2023, at the David Ross Sports Village, University of Nottingham Park in the UK.
She was accompanied by the Nnaabagereka, HRH Sylvia Nagginda, Prince Crispin Jjunju Kiweewa, and Princess Victoria Nkinzi among others.
They later had a graduation pre-dinner cocktail, at Corinthia, the Courtroom Whitehall in London, to celebrate Ssanga's academic achievement, which was graced by relatives and friends.
A special present from His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, was presented to Ssanga by her elder sister, Princess Victoria Nkinzi, at the dinner.
In her speech, Nnaabagereka, expressed joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment for Ssangalyambogo's academic success, and thanked God for grace and mercy, which has enabled the Princess to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that could have come her way.
She advised that “the true measure of success is our ability to uplift others, to bring hope and to be a source of inspiration".
She appealed to Ssanga to use her acquired qualification to have a positive impact on the lives of others.
She stressed that "Obuntubulamu is our way of life".
Nnaabagereka also thanked the people who had been in Ssangalyambogo's life since she started School.


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