• By Our Reporter
  • 31 July, 2023
  • Mengo Palace

Kabaka’s 30th Coronation Anniversary Celebration

The celebrations were held at the Mengo Palace today, where many of the King’s subjects gathered to jubilate with him.
The King thanked God for protecting him and for guiding him through the last 30 years of his reign.
He thanked all the people who have served Buganda at various times, especially those who fought tirelessly to protect Buganda during the times when the Kingdom was banned, citing the Royal family, the chiefs, the clergy, and all the other people who were engaged in the struggle.
The Kabaka urged the youths to desist from selling off their land in the villages to migrate to the city for greener pastures or Boda boda riding which is not a sustainable income generating venture.
He also warned them against being manipulated and taken for unstipulated jobs abroad where they end up losing their lives.
The King explained the importance of federalism to the people saying it helps every region to develop and eventually the entire country can develop.
He advised his subjects to be vigilant and protect their Kingdom because there some people who do not wish it well.
In his speech, Katikkiro Mayiga cited some of the achievements witnessed in the last 30 years, some of which include the establishment of Kingdom’s institutions such as CBS, Kabaka Foundation, BUCADEF, Majestic Brands, BBS Terefayina, and many others which have provided employment to the youth.
He also noted that the King has promoted Luganda language; Health care; education and the environment, among others.
He advised Kabaka’s people to always remain hopeful.

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