• By The Kingdom of Buganda
  • 28 November, 2022
Manya e ssaza lyo

The need for statistical information is recognised as an important and indispensable ingredient of all programmes related to the socio-economic development, thus the production of this first edition of Manya Essaza Lyo....

  • By The Kingdom of Buganda
  • 19 October, 2022

Bulungibwansi is looked at as an environment and life saving innovation by Buganda Kingdom. It is intended to promote healthy living while sustainably managing the environment and natural resources. It is premised on community and village basis but observed by the whole Kingdom....

  • By Buganda Kingdom
  • 27 June, 2022
Embalirira yObwakabaka eyEbyensimbi Omwaka 2022_23

Kingdom of Buganda 2022/22023 Budget