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Omukubiriza W’Olukiiko Lwa Buganda Olukulu

(Speaker of the Great Buganda Lukiiko)

Minister :

Owek Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule
  • Responsible for presiding over the Great Lukiiko sittings.
  • Advising and guiding members of the Great Lukiiko in their sitting premised on the rules that guide the Lukiiko.
  • Enabling the Lukiiko Committees to supervise activities done in His Majesty’s Government.
  • Safeguarding, protecting and secretly keeping the aims of the Kingdom all the time.
  • Providing a report to Katikkiro plus the affairs of the Lukiiko every after three months or as shall be asked.
  • Protecting His Majesty’s and the Kingdom’s secrets at all the time.