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Ssabawolereza wa Buganda

Attorney General of Buganda

Minister :

Owek Christopher Bwanika


  • Providing legal services to the Kingdom and her officials.
  • Advising Katikkiro and His Majesty’s Government in legal affairs.
  • Registration and protection of all clans’ properties and wealth in Buganda. (Bika trusts)
  • Head of the Buganda Royal Law Chambers and ensuring that all lawyers in this firm practice with professionalism and authenticity.
  • Entering money into the Kingdom treasury through the activities done by the Buganda Royal Law Chambers.
  • Comingup with different other alternatives in the department that can generate more money to the treasury.
  • Promotion of convention centers throughout Buganda.
  • Responsible for all the Kingdom property that is still retained and ensuring that it is fully registered in the Constitution of Uganda.
  • Advice to Katikkiro on the interpretation of the Uganda Constitution regarding different matters where necessary.
  • Protection and safeguarding of Buganda’s territorial boundaries in the Constitution of Uganda.
  • Partnering with agencies in the legal field to extend legal aid to people.
  • Ensuring that all thedepartmental responsibilities in the Kingdom’s Strategic Plan are achieved.
  • Responsible for all agreements and contracts done by His Majesty’s Government and those done by Kingdom Agencies.
  • Reigniting the programme of official introduction of heirs, writing and keeping of people’s wills.
  • Coming up with a protective measure to people’s top secretive documents.
  • Supporting and ensuring that the native clan court “Embuga ya Kisekwa’’ delivers equal and fair justice in settling clan disputes.
  • Drafting the departmentalbudget and work plan.
  • Safeguarding, protecting and secretly keeping the aims of the Kingdom all the time.
  • Cabinet Collective responsibility in the affairs of the Government of His Majesty.