BICUL takes up its core role of a holding company of the Kingdom that owns stakes in various companies involved in production of goods or services for the benefit of the Kingdom.
Omukuru (Head)

Company Structure

Management Team

Ebikolebwa (Roles)
As a holding company, BICUL will allow the reduction of risk for:-
The Kabaka of Buganda while promoting ownership and control of a number of different companies where opportunities will have been identified, assessed and sanctioned by the relevant authorities.
The BICUL structure separates the legal ownership from the trading risks by creating or/and investing in a series of companies that buy and sell beneath a corporate BICUL that will deal with the corresponding firms’ legal, banking, property and investment interests.
The Kingdom’s ownership is vested in BICUL, but the financial accounts and management are organized separately in each trading arm.
Batukilire (Contacts)

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