At its founding, the Kingdom of Buganda had only a small territory consisting of the counties of Busiro, Busujju, Kyaddondo and Mawokota; as well as small portions of Ssingo and Bulemeezi counties.

Most of the surrounding territory was the dominion of the kings of Bunyoro. There was considerable rivalry between Buganda and neighbors, and constant fighting over territory expansion.

Gradually, Buganda was able to expand its territory at the expense of its neighbors until it grew to twenty counties that constituted Buganda at its pinnacle. However, as we speak now, the Kingdom consists of 18 counties after losing Buyaga and Bugangazzi

The islands of Ssese were autonomous within Buganda right from its founding, being reserved as the Islands of the gods. They were not directly governed by the Kings of Buganda until after the 1900 agreement.

Below are the counties of Buganda.

Buddu was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Ssekabaka Jjunju.
Chief's Title: Ppookino
Current Chief: Oweek. Jude Muleke
Headquarters: Masaka
Bugerere was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Semei Kakungulu.
Chief's Title: Mugerere
Current Chief: Oweek. James Ssempigga
Headquarters: Ntenjeru
Some parts of Bulemeezi were part of the original territory of Buganda while others were annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro.
Chief's Title: Kangaawo
Current Chief: Oweek. Ronald Mulondo
Headquarters: Bbowa
Buluuli was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro during the 1900 agreement.
Chief's Title: Kimbugwe
Current Chief: Oweek. Gerald Kyanjo
Headquarters: Nakasongola
Busiro is one of the original territories of Buganda.
Chief's Title: Ssebwana
Current Chief: Oweek. Charles Kiberu Kisiiriiza
Headquarters: Ssentema
Busujju is also one of the original territories of Buganda.
Chief's Title: Kasujju
Current Chief: Oweek. Mark Jjingo Kaberenge II
Headquarters: Mwera
Butambala was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Ssekabaka Kateregga.
Chief's Title: Katambala
Current Chief: Oweek. Haji Sulaiman Magala
Headquarters: Kabasanda
Buvuma is an Island I Lake Victoria. It was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Ssekabaka Mwanga II.
Chief's Title: Mbuubi
Current Chief: Oweek. Michael Mboowa Wamala
Headquarters: Maggyo
Buweekula was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Ssekabaka Kamaanya.
Chief's Title: Luweekiula
Current Chief: Oweek. Immaculate Nantaayi Kafeero
Headquarters: Kaweeri
Gomba was annexed to Buganda from Bunyoro by Kateregga.
Chief's Title: Kitunzi
Current Chief: Celesitino Jackson Musisi
Headquarters: Kanoni
Kabula was annexed to Buganda from Ankole.
Chief's Title: Lumaama
Current Chief: Oweek. David Luyimbaazi Kiyingi
Headquarters: Lyantonde
Kkooki is a tributary chiefdom which was incorporated into Buganda in 1896.
Chief's Title: Kamuswaaga
Current Chief: Omulangira Apollo Ssansa Kabumbuli II
Headquarters: Rakai
Kyaddondo is one of the original territories of Buganda.
Chief's Title: Kaggo
Current Chief: Oweek. Agnes Nakibirige Ssempa
Headquarters: Kasangati
Kyaggwe was annexed by Ssekabaka Kimera.
Chief's Title: Ssekiboobo
Current Chief: Oweek. Elijah Boogere
Headquarters: Mukono
Mawogola was mostly curved out of Buddu by the 1900 Agreement.
Chief's Title: Muteesa
Current Chief: Oweek. Muhammad Sserwadda.
Headquarters: Ssembabule
It’s one of the original territories of Buganda.
Chief's Title: Kayima
Current Chief: Oweek. Gabriel Kabonge
Headquarters: Butoolo
Ssese is an Island in Lake Victoria. It was originally autonomous to Buganda and only became a county during the 1900 Agreement. It was known as the Island of the gods.
Chief's Title: Kweba
Current Chief: Oweek. Augustine Kasirye.
Headquarters: Kalangala
Most parts of Ssingo were originally part of Buganda but the rest was annexed from Bunyoro
Chief's Title: Mukwenda
Current Chief: Oweek. David Nantaggya.
Headquarters: Mityana