Eby'obuwangwa,Ennono,Amasiro n'Eby'obulambuzi(Ministry of culture,Heritage,Tourism and Royal)

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Tourism, Buganda Government was established by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II on the 31st Dec 2007.




A centre of excellence for the development of Buganda`s tourism potential Buganda at it`s best: Beautification for development
Research, build and promote Buganda`s cultural sites, cultural animals and cultural lifestyle/norms and traditions of Buganda for economic, development by promoting indigenous knowledge and applying modern technologies to preserve and market Buganda`s Tourism potential through collaborative efforts.
Developing and harnessing our tourism potential to complement Buganda`s economic growth.
In carrying out its operations, the Ministry is guided by the core values of Buganda namely;
  1. Okukuuma enonno, eby`obuwangwa n`obulombolombo bwa Buganda.
  2. Okukuuma n`okulwanirira ettaka lya Buganda.
  3. Okukulembeza Nnamulondo
  4. Okukuuma obumu.
These values are enshrined in the following principles: excellence, constant consultations with the Katikkiro, innovation, transparency and integrity: accountability: teamwork and empowerment of people through hands on approach.
Abawereza (Technical Staff)
Erinya(Name) Ekiffo(Position)
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