Abakyala, Bulungibwansi n'Ekikula Ky'Abantu(Gender and Community Development)

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Ministry of Women Affairs, the Disadvantaged and Bulungibwansi

This Ministry is responsible for the promotion of the social and economic development of women and the protection and promotion of the disabled and disadvantaged in society. It is also a crosscutting Ministry responsible for reviving the spirit of self- help and community work (Bulungibwansi) for communal social infrastructure development throughout Buganda.
Women who are sufficiently empowered to fully participate in the social and economic affairs of the community by the year 2010, especially:
Well-established welfare and community development plans and programs, which protect and promote the disabled and disadvantaged by the year 2010.
Communities to have better community roads, improved water sources and resources, well constructed schools, health centres and recreational grounds by the year 2010.
Mission Statement
To spearhead community development through the empowerment of women, and the design and execution of self-help, welfare and development for the protection and promotion of the disabled and disadvantaged and to revive the spirit of self- help and community work for communal social infrastructure development in order to enhance the quality of life and welfare of communities.
Expected Key outputs
Protection and promotion of the social and economic development of women and the disadvantaged, for re-kindling the self-help spirit in communities to do communal social and economic development work.
epairing, maintenance and improvement of community roads, wells, springs, and other water sources, and the construction and maintenance of community schools, health units and recreation grounds, planting of forests, etc.
Established welfare and community development initiatives for the protection and promotion of the women and the disadvantaged and helping communities to both support development and to improve social and other facilities for women and communities to enjoy the benefits of development.
Effectively supported and promoted national gender policy.
Ministry Community Development (Bulungi Bwansi) and disadvantaged groups.
Ministry Community Development (Bulungi Bwansi) and disadvantaged groups.
Sub Total
Support and supervise Bulungi bwansi activities at community level
Continue with Bulungi Bwansi monthly meetings with Bulungi Bwansi commissioners, and Saza coordinators, Bulange to assess bulungi bwansi developments at community levels
Organise Bulungibwansi day
Start income generating activities for the people with disabilities
Reports for the meetings
Participants lists, expenditure receipts
Bulungi Bwansi commissioners and Saza coordinatorsl
2.Department of women in Buganda Kingdom (Under Ministry of Women)
Sub Total
Organise Training workshops for 25 women Trainers at Bulange level (in food security and food preservation, nutrition, family planning and child care, herbal medicine processing, organic farming, textile designing,candle making and cookery)
Organise a tour for the 25 trainer women to Busense agricultural demonstration farm – Masaka to acquire organic farming skills 
Start and launch Buganda Kingdom Women Magazine
Liaise with the Nabagereka`s office to promote the Kisakate.(training children in their cultural norms and values)
Inaugurate Buganda women`s Guild for all Baganda women professionals.
Training reports
25 women equipped with various skills and are ready to train others
Buganda Kingdom women magazines in place
Participants lists
Expenditure receipts
25 women leaders
Bulungibwansi Day Bulungibwansi day
Bulungibwansi Day Bulungibwansi day is an annual event cerebrated in Buganda every 8th of October in memory of Buganda`s Independence and rotates in different counties.

The Kabaka dedicated this day to Community activities on self-help basis popularly known as Bulungibwansi. Previously, the functions have been held in the following counties.

- 2003, Busiro
- 2004, Kooki
- 2005, Butambala
- 2006, Singo
- 2007, Buddu

However, celebrations to the year 2008 which were to be held in Buluuli at Nakasongola where canceled because security operatives blocked the Kabaka from proceeding to the venue.

According to history, Buluuli became one of Buganda's Counties on 9th May 1898 when Buganda won a battle between Bunyoro Kitara. Some parts of Buluuli covering the area of Masindi Port remained in Bunyoro while the rest was incorporated into Buganda Kingdom.

Some of the parts that were incorporated into Buganda included the area where Naŋŋoma`s Palace was located and where put under the leadership of Andereya Luwandagga as the first Kimbugwe. Kimbuge is the official title for Kabaka's chief of Buluuli County. It should be noted that all counties in Buganda have county chiefs and are named according to the county they lead.

The original traditional leader for Buluuli was Naŋŋoma who is believed to have been a daughter to Kabaka Kintu. That`s why in the 1900 agreement, Naŋŋoma was given a Mailo land on Block 102 Plot 46 in Buluuli.

The 1995 Constiution shows clearly that Buluuli is one of the eighteen (18) counties which make up Buganda Kingdom. It is about 2460 sq mailos with a population of approximately 210,000 people .
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